Your eyes in our lives

Through two eyes

When I started year six I was a bit nervous because it was my last year in primary school, SATs got way harder and my year would be the first to do them ,friendship you get the idea but bow SATs is next week I’m not worried but a bit nervous even though they don’t really affect you they’re still pretty important .But I’ve practiced so there’s not much more I can do ,still it’s a bit nerve racking but I’ll be fine . On friendship there’s not been anything that troubling so on those fronts year six has been a success!


SATs are on the verge of not mattering. They barely affect your Secondary School results, and after that they do nothing at all. But it doesn’t stop you from being nervous. The first SAT is on Monday, 9th May, so the next day I go to school, I’ll do a SAT. Regarding friends, I think that whilst me might all be going to different schools in September, we’ll be friends a lot longer then that. 🙂



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