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Today’s prompt is that you write about things  pets people,but you must must write it in a three part sequel.

Most resent loss

My Guinea pigs cuddles  he was four and six months old which is about average for a guinea pig now we only have one pig called Pepper.

Get ready for part two.images-8


Commit to a writing practise


Today’s prompt was :write about the three most important  songs in your life.

  1. Grandfather’s dance alto saxaphone because I played it at my first ever  saxaphone  exam .
  2. The second is George Ezra blame it on me ,this is my favourite song ever !!

My third is Fur Elise by Beethoven, I just love this piece of music.

Did you know

Beethoven was deaf so just felt the keys!Wow!!images-6


Room with a view


this is today’s prompt: If you could zoom through space in the speed of light, what place would you go to right now?

I would go to a lovely lagoon with blue sea surrounding  it with three huts the huts, they  would be made out of wood and the roof would be  made out of thatch .With a thatch walk way over the water .There  would have a reef so I could go scuba diving and see tropical fish each day . A bit like this. blogBYE

Read carefully


You know I posted  about the blogging challenge but them as I scrolled down the e-mail I found out that it was just writing something random like this .

But I’m just going to rewrite it any way so here I go.

I really like swimming but it is getting a bit to look much because I

I swim on Monday ,Wednesday,Thursday and some Sundays.

I swim for 5hours a week.But I wouldn’t give it up though but I have a plan to get stronger I’m going to do some exercises for ten minutes  so I think that will get me stronger and my swimming will seem less work .bye

Blogging 101


I’m  doing blogging 101and today’s thing  is unlocking the mind I’m not really sure how to do it does anyone have any ideas.If not I’m going to try and make it up.images-5



blur challenge

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Blur.”

i kinda cheated because I don’t have a phone  so this is from Google images

This is my first picture challenge !!!!!

WHOOP WHOOP!!!!!!Featured image


bloghappy Easter!!!!

hi, i’m blogging from my grandparents and i’m really looking forward to Easter Sunday.  I hope that everyone is having a great time off school or off work!!:)

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