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new term


It’s a couple of days then it’s school again but at least I’ll be in a nice new classroom but the thing I’m really excited about is HALLOWEEN!!!!!!

I’m going to the woods  with my friend  and there will be  witch stories and campfires and…..





On Friday we were allowed to go into are  New classroom, finally  it was really exciting .Firstly we watched a film then we sat in two’s and did a poster  about the imperial war museum we went their the day before.Now it’s half term which is great a whole week with no school at all!!!


waiting game


Sorry, that I haven’t posted for ages .

Nothing has really happened with my classroom and now it’s been about three /four weeks!!!

We did are math test then went to lunch and I came back in  I was the closest to the most disturbing boy of the class  it’s sooooooo annoying !!!!!


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