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HELP ME!!!!!!!!!!


I have a couple of things on my mind and they are all worries.

1I do not have a classroom is and its only a couple of days away till school starts.

2Where will I be picked up and dropped off.

3Where will I be taught (here a couple of ideas that I have )

In the computer room ,hall or even my  oldclassroom



A couple of days to year 5 (& still no sign of a classroom!)


It’s 2 days away from school if I haven’t told you yet  ………I have a classroom which has to be built. I walked to the school yesterday and there was no sign of the classroom which is kind of worrying .My mum and I think that if it’s not there  by the end of the day then there’s a huge problem  because my teacher has to get things ready and the water and electricity has to checked and everything.



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